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Honey Glazed Brussels Sprouts...Oh MY!!!

My Mother tells stories of me as a young child, turning heads in the produce department as I exclaimed, "Mommy, can we get Brussels Sprouts!!!" I'm sure some may have thought it was too good to be true...a child that begs for Brussels Sprouts. I have always had a genuinue passion for vegetables, especially these little bundles of joy. I have toyed with roasting them in bacon fat, lathering them in maple syrup, tossing them with crisp Pancetta bits. Not until recently however, had I tried a simple drizzle of wild, raw honey after roasting them with a smidge of olive oil, a dusting of Pink Himalayan and a Trifecta of freshly cracked peppercorns.

Clean. Simple. Perfection.

You can find these beauties paired with my Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apple Onion Jam & Smoked Gouda Polenta for a warm, winter meal that will be sure to fuel your next day on the hill!

Next time you're visiting Lake Tahoe, let Tahoe Mountain Tapas Personal Chef and Catering Services take care of dinner!

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